Crazy Guarantee

30 Days or less : Starting at $495.

Fast, easy, and complete website design with Crazy Mountain Media

What we’ve done is re-engineered the website design process. Gone are the days of building websites and designs from scratch, taking thousands of man hours and dollars to create a site.

Instead, we use a streamlined, simplified process that takes all the headaches out of owning a website that’s stuffed with crazy goodness.

What’s Included

WordPress, installed and configured


WordPress is a fantastic content management system that makes managing your content easy as can be. Used by many of the world’s largest websites, WordPress is at the forefront of its field, and will make your website-owning experience a joyful one.

Included with your WordPress Website Package is One Year of hosting and maintenance provided by Crazy Mountain Media.

Along with installing WordPress, we’ll also install a select group of our most recommended plugins, and configure your site’s settings for optimal use. You’ll get all the essentials that you don’t even realize you need, and a number of extras that will make your site pop and your life easier.

 Premium Theme


There are really two ways of creating a design: from scratch, or from an existing theme.

We used to do the first, building everything from the ground up for every client, but soon realized that it would be much faster, easier, and less expensive for you if we started with a well-made premium WordPress theme that’s close to what you want out of the box, and then customized it to your specifications.

The beauty of working with a premium theme is that you get a well-tested, well-designed theme for a fraction of the cost of having one built from scratch, while also having the ability to have it custom tailored to represent your unique preferences.

To create the design of your dreams, we work with clear, straightforward checklists that ensure you get all you want out of your site, and yet don’t end up paying for anything you don’t want.

 Advanced Functionality


Chances are high that if you want some particular set of bells and whistles on your site, it’s already there. Most of our premium themes include:

  • Contact forms
  • Multimedia galleries
  • Search engine optimization
  • Custom Typography
  • Image Sliders

See Packages

 Support & Education


The last thing we’d ever do is create a site for you, and not show you how to use it.

With a site hosted by Crazy Mountain Media, you also get access to our Support Site, full of instructional videos and a members-only forum where you can ask any question you like.


How It Works

Step 1. Fill out our Website Design Questionnaire


Our Website Design Questionnaire is a form that streamlines the design and development process.  The more thought and effort you put now will yield better results in the long run.

We answer any questions you have, discuss as necessary, and get rolling. Once your questions are answered and you’re ready to go, we’ll assign your project a starting date, and give you a list of items to get moving on (copy writing, photo’s, etc.). Since it’s rare that we don’t have a waiting list of at least a few weeks, this gives you a chance to get prepared for our 30 days together, so we can make the most of our time, and hit the ground running.


Step 2. Purchase a Website Design Package


Our 30 Days begins!

On the day our project begins, we’ll get your WordPress site set up, configured, and ready for your content, your theme installed, and set up your domain name and email if necessary. You’ll have checklists and timelines to follow, so everything stays on track.

You’ll also gain access to the Crazy Mountain Media Support Forums, Tutorials, and Documentation, to show you how to use the site, and a priority support email form where you can ask any question you like and we’ll get back to you Crazy quick.

The next 30 days are a back-and-forth process of us developing your site while you get your content in place. On or before Day 30, your site goes live, and you are on your way!


Important Notes:

* Avoiding “Scope Creep”



“Scope Creep” is what happens when project needs or requests go beyond that which was originally agreed upon. This can happen for a couple of reasons.

If we didn’t do our job right and under estimated the time it would take us to build the site we said we would, that’s our problem and we’ll make it right. We do have some requirements to make sure your project stays on track. After filling out our Website Design Questionnaire we’ll let you know what we need from you and by when. We’ll also help you understand the different options before choosing one of our website design packages.

If during our 30 days you decide you want more than we originally agreed upon we can take care of you. Just let us know what service you’d like to add and we’ll let you know how much time we’ll need to complete your project.

Beyond the 30 Days:

* If the 30th day comes and we aren’t done:



  • If we’re late on our responsibilities, we work for free until we’re done.
  • If you’re late, there’s a $100/week surcharge until the project completes.

Why? Because the last thing we want is for your project to drag on forever… and these policies ensure that it won’t.

What if you need to take a break? If you need to take a break from the project during the 30 days, and can’t be done by our original scheduled completion date, your project goes to the end of the queue. We’ll give you a date as to when we will resume your project, and the remainder of your 30 days will complete.

* If you find later that you need some tweaks, or have some questions…


If you’re still a member of the Support Site, excellent! The forum there ensures you’ll be taken care of quickly.
Otherwise, you can submit a Customization Request, and we’ll let you know when we can fit you in.

Why the Crazy Guarantee Works

* This is great for you, because:

  • You get a crazy good site, crazy fast
  • You get lots of personal attention
  • Our butts are on the line so we work hard

* This is great for us, because we prefer fast projects, steady flow, and clients who are just as on the ball as we are.

Questions? Get in touch.

Wanna get on the list?

Fill out our Website Design Questionnaire,and we’ll be in touch crazy quick.