Crazy Mountain Media was founded by Jamey Warren in May of 2008.  CMM was originally a photography and video studio with a fresh new website which our clients were impressed with, maybe even more so than our photo’s.  Over the years we’ve found our clients need more help with their website, design, and marketing strategy than they need a well produced video.  Crazy Mountain Media helps artists and professionals get back to what they’re best at doing by making their website, marketing efforts, and social media presence less time consuming and more affordable.  Today Crazy Mountain Media offers a variety of solutions for your marketing efforts.  We offer “full-service” as well as “a-la-carte” solutions at a fixed price so you know what to expect.  Check out our Marketing, Website Development, or Design Services if your ready to get started.  Visit our portfolio to see some examples of our full service marketing solutions.

If you need further convincing, check out our Crazy Guarantee!